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Equipment Savers has focused a significant portion of business strategy on technology. Our technology is a combination of tools, hardware and applications. Our mobile fueling service uses a barcode system to scan each asset being fueled enabling you to keep track of each asset’s fuel consumption. From the handheld devices on the truck to using cloud technology for data access, improvements are continuously being implemented to make sure our customers have accurate and timely access to invoicing and reporting tools they need to track their assets fuel consumption. Meanwhile, we can use this data to help drive your fueling needs. The data is available in real-time to our dispatch centers and management to ensure your assets are fueled to meet your needs. All delivery tickets are available at delivery, and on our Fuel Intelligence Customer Portal. The Customer Portal is also ideal for invoice retrieval, detailed reports for IFTA, mileage analysis and asset management.

Along with mobile fueling automation, Equipment Savers offers a patent pending tank and island technology to provide security and data capture for tanks and islands, FUELLOC®. The FUELLOC tank solution can be combined with tank fuel deliveries, fleet fueling, or a combination of the two to provide the security and the data you need.

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