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Tank Solutions

Equipment Savers offers certified steel skid tank rentals. The tanks are ideal for businesses requiring on-site fuel storage, long or short term. We offer a variety of tanks including fuel storage tanks, gasoline tank trailers, temporary and permanent tanks and specialty tanks. All our tanks are durable, portable and feature double-wall frames that protect from external damage. They feature built-in pumps and meters, 110% containment capacity and range in size from 500 to 10,000 gallons. Solar-powered specialty tanks offer an environmentally-friendly option.

Tank monitoring and FUELLOC is also available. These feature enables automatic monitoring of fuel levels to help maximize your savings. FUELLOC protects your tank fuel from dispensing to non-approved assets while allowing visibility into fuel usage from the tank. This level of monitoring enables us to accurately schedule fillings so you have the right amount of tank fuel.

Contact our fuel professionals for pricing information or call us at 303.373.3900.