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Pure Energy

Reduce, Conserve, Renew

In partnership with Diesel Direct, Equipment Savers offers Pure Energy® by Diesel Direct®. This program enables us to provide the safest and most environmentally friendly fuels possible in the most energy efficient way.

Pure Energy empowers our customers to Reduce, Conserve and Renew their carbon footprint. By focusing on this initiative, we can provide a balanced, cost effective, one of a kind, carbon neutral solution. See our products and services.
Reduce Conserve Renew

Pure Energy focuses on:

  • Environmentally friendly products and services
  • Fuel delivery provided in the most energy saving way
  • Pure Air Diesel®, an option for our customers to help reduce their carbon impact through offsets
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Pure Air Diesel®

By purchasing Pure Air Diesel, you reduce emissions by avoiding trips to the gas station and take steps to neutralize your fuel burn by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gases. By choosing Pure Air Diesel, you can offset 20, 50 or 100% of the diesel fuel you buy from our pool of credits. Each quarter, you receive a third-party certificate reflecting the total offsets you have funded.

Proactive companies that actively address climate change and sustainability have a competitive advantage over companies who ignore the issue or those who have no plan set in place. They recognize not only the obvious concern of protecting the natural environment, but also the beneficial business gains that come from reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your business can be socially responsible for your carbon footprint and take the lead on reducing your company’s emissions by purchasing carbon offsets through Equipment Savers.

Pure Energy Calculator

Pure Energy Carbon Calculator

Try our Pure Energy Carbon Calculator to find out how much Carbon Dioxide you could potentially reduce with mobile fueling.

Mobile Fueling Reduces Emissions

Distance Traveled:

With our mobile fueling services, fuel typically spent on trips to and from the gas station are no longer wasted. On average, each truck needs to be driven 8 miles to reach a gas station that will accommodate it. Why does a truck need to travel this far? When a diesel truck needs to be refueled, a driver must consider several factors: a fueling station that has a diesel fuel island, space large enough for multiple trucks to fit, and easy access for entering and exiting. To find a suitable gas station, the total distance would amount to an average of an additional 16 miles roundtrip. Every gallon of diesel fuel burned releases 22 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. This means that around 60 pounds of CO2 is saved every time a truck is fueled by mobile fueling.

Idling Time:

Distance traveled isn’t the only aspect that plays a role in releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. Idling time is greatly reduced because the fuel delivery trucks go directly to your business where your fleet is parked. The fuel burned during idling time spent at the gas station is saved since when we fuel, the vehicle is off. On average, a truck with idle for 15 minutes while it is being filled if there is no wait at the fuel station. Often there is a two to three truck back-up, which causes a truck to be idling for 30 minutes or more before it can be filled. This idle time is releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere every second.

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