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Driver Application

Thank you for applying with Equipment Savers Fleet Services! We Need Your Help!

Before you continue, please make sure you meet the minimum Driver Qualifications:

  • Age 21 or older
  • Eligible for Employment in the United States
  • Valid Class “B” Commerical Drivers License
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (Section 391.11) a driver must speak English sufficiently to communicate, read traffic signs, respond to official inquiries and fill out reports and records.
  • No Felony Convictions in the past 5 years
  • No DUI Convictions in the past 5 years and no more than 1 DUI Conviction in a lifetime
  • No Reckless/Careless/Negligent Driving Convictions in the past 5 years

What you will need to complete the application:

Due to DOT regulations, you are required to provide specific information in order to start processing your application. Before you begin the application process, please make sure you have the following: (For Numeric Entries, don’t use spaces or dashes, just numeric entries):

For the Application:

  • Current Drivers License and expiration date
  • Complete employment history for the past 3 years and all DOT regulated driving jobs in the past 10 years
    – Employer Name
    – Employer Phone Number
    – Contact Name
    – Dates of Employment

Drivers Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply with Equipment Savers Fleet Services.