A “Safety First” Company

We at Equipment Savers Fleet Services believe strongly
that safety is an integral part of our quality of service. We
also believe that safety is everyone’s job. Our commitment
begins with our owners and characterizes our approach
down the line. Among other things, this belief has led
to the creation of our safety program SUCCEED! From
monthly safety meetings to ongoing training for our
employees, Equipment Savers Fleet Services is “A Safety
First Company”.

Through our partnership with our sister company Siegel
Oil, a premier supplier of petroleum and chemical products
throughout Colorado, Equipment Savers and our customers
are able to take advantage of ENVIRO-BILITY. The
ENVIRO-BILITY division of Siegel Oil Company has been
developed to keep ourselves and our current clients up to
date on the most recent regulations and laws governing
safety and responsibility in the workplace.

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If you would like a poster to promote safety in your business,
please call 303-373-3900 ext. 107 to place your order.
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